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IT Service Gone Wrong: Reasons Your IT Relationship Failed

So your IT relationship didn’t work out. Don’t beat yourself up! It wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, there are a lot of IT service companies out there that are taught to take advantage of you. Luckily, we’re not like them. We provide transparent IT support along with a shoulder to cry on in times like these. Here are the top reasons why your IT relationship failed.

They Put You in a Break/Fix Cycle

If the same things kept breaking over and over, then your relationship with your MSP was trapped in what we call “the break/fix cycle”. Base Plus models do not motivate your IT support services to fix the underlying source of why things break because they can charge you extra for the problems that arise. They are not incentivized to invest their time in preventative services.  

They Didn’t Protect You Against Ransomware, Spear Phishing, or Wire-Fraud

When you got hit by spear-phishing emails or you clicked on an attachment that launched malware, you probably ended up blaming yourself over your MSP. It’s important to ask, was there something they could have done to prevent the attack? The answer is yes! There are security configurations that can prevent these attacks, but they have to be proactively put in place in advance. If your MSP was not implementing secure solutions to these problems, they weren’t protecting you.

They Weren’t Capable of Performing Necessary Configurations

Here’s the bottom line: Not every MSP is equally skilled. Most MSPs have technicians skilled in the technologies that they sell to their customers, but not necessarily in the technologies that they don’t. Because Connetic doesn’t sell anything, we’re not motivated to focus on a few specific solutions, and our technicians are skilled in all common platforms and solutions. If your MSP only supported Windows and couldn’t support Macintosh or Linux servers, it’s a big red flag that there were other major gaps in their skill set as well. 

They Had Just as Many Sales Staff as Technicians

What did your MSP really do for a living? Fix technology, or sell technology? If they had nearly as many salespeople as technicians, the answer is that they sold it and only fixed it begrudgingly out of necessity. Ask your next MSP upfront, “How many sales staff do you have? How many technicians?” The right answer should be 10 technicians for every 1 salesperson, at the very least!

They Were Nickel and Diming You

Did you feel like you were always being asked for more money in your MSP relationship? Most managed IT service providers only make money if they sell you expensive solutions or nickel & dime you outside of what you’ve agreed to pay in monthly fees. Per-ticket costs, per call costs, after-hours surcharges, and expensive fees for every project implementation will wear on your relationship. You deserved better! Connetic never adds anything to your monthly invoice beyond our site and per-user fees.

They Didn’t Care for Hand-Holding

Some MSPs are fine at taking care of computers but aren’t very good at taking care of people. Unfortunately, MSP relationships are full of know-it-all technicians and technicians who are always in a rush or avoiding you. Connetic understands that you may need some extra attention. Our help-desk and on-site technicians are just as good at soft skills as they are at hard skills.

Why Connetic is the Better Partner

At Connetic, our fixed-price, unlimited IT support services model keeps us constantly searching for ways to keep our customers safe. Safe practices reduce the amount of incident response we have to perform—which we don’t get paid extra for. That’s why we put these solutions in front of all of our clients and implement them at no additional cost. We are committed to being as transparent as possible about our services. We’re the IT consultant that you can count on 24/7.

Contact Connetic’s IT services team to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s extensive experience and exceptionally managed IT services.

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