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Technology Agnostic IT Companies Save You Money

When we say that Connetic is a technology agnostic IT company, what we mean is that we are unbiased regarding the use of different technology tools to manage IT. In fact, we don’t always encourage all of our clients to use the same technology because they all have very unique business models. IT consulting is not a one-technology-fits-all job, and here’s why.

Connetic’s Technology Agnostic IT Philosophy

At Connetic, we support all software, platforms, and hardware. This includes:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Linux/UNIX servers
  • iPhone 
  • Android 
  • Cloud services
  • Line-of-business applications
  • And many more!

For this reason, we don’t have any reseller relationships that would force us into supporting only one or very few specific applications. When your MSP is also a reseller of other products, they have a strong incentive to steer all of your spending towards products that they get a commission on. We don’t receive commissions, therefore we are truly looking out for the client’s best interest each step of the way. Not only will this save you money, but it saves us time because we implement proactive practices that keep you up and running without any problems. 

“The Other Guy”  IT Support Incentives

Your typical IT guys are the ones you get fed up with quickly because they make you jump through hoops to get set up on the platforms that they make a commission on. If they’re a Google reseller, for example, you’re going to get Google Apps even if Microsoft M365 would have been a better pick for your organization. If they resell a specific backup solution, that’s what you are going to get—whether it’s the best value for your circumstances or not. The anti-virus protection you get is whatever comes with their included management package. More than often it’s a third-rate offering that can’t compete on its own. These products typically provide a 5% to 30% commission to the MSP.

All of these circumstances combine to create a situation where your MSP only knows how to manage and maintain the services and products that they resell because they never deal with anything else. A simple test is to ask them if they support any systems other than Microsoft Windows. If they don’t, they lack true broad-spectrum expertise. These kinds of managed IT services will require you to “rip and replace” your working equipment and services to replace them with things they understand—and get commission on—even if your current services and products are working perfectly.

Connetic’s Solutions

Don’t let your IT consultant limit your IT solutions. Our highly skilled team of technology experts uses the industry’s best practices to provide IT solutions that set your company up for success. We are committed to providing top-tier service without unforeseen charges to your invoices. Our transparent pricing model benefits industries of all types in San Diego and surrounding areas.


Connetic’s information technology services achieve superior data security. Our San Diego based IT support services provide decades of experience to small and medium businesses interested in QuickBooks multi-user setup, remote desktop set up, cloud migration services, and much more. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s outsourced it management.


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