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Five Stars

“Oncternal contracted with Connetic in early 2019 just as we were transitioning from a private to a public company. We needed IT support that understood the transition and could provide ongoing services to a small but growing biotech company. We are very happy to say that Connetic has done an amazing job for us. They are IT professionals that I would highly recommend.”

- Mary H. Breitmeyer, Project Management Head at Oncternal Therapeutics, Inc.

Five Stars

“To the Unsung Hero of Rancho Santa Fe Association IT,

To label someone a hero is to honor those that make a difference in our lives. With the superhero thing running its course, we forget the tangible and present hero that we can reach out to in real life.

These are the people that leave an impact on the world they inhabit, committing noble deeds in the name of the greater good. This is a letter to bring to your attention the unsung, unrecognized, and even unappreciated individual that truly made a difference today.

Your Network Engineer went above and beyond the call of duty today as he not only navigated the underbelly of the RSF Golf Pro Shop, and upgraded multiple network switches in the Parks and Recs building but, as he was leaving we were notified of a network connectivity problem at another part of the property that’s on a different circuit. Your Engineer crawled around our horse stables and fixed the problem. All in one day!

We simply could not be happier with our decision to bring on Connetic as our IT provider.”

- Dana Zeno, Public Works Administrator at Rancho Santa Fe Association

Five Stars

“Cultura made the decision to change IT support in April 2020. Yes, 4 weeks into a pandemic that, at the time, challenged our entire office furniture and design industry. We needed first-class support and a partner that could be truly that—a partner—that took 100% of the onus off of our staff and bolted onto our company. Connetic is the real deal. Their quest to be so good that we don’t notice them is amazing and effective. Uninterrupted service, better than the best service we have ever had, and communication beyond our wildest dreams. I cannot say enough about Connetic, they are just that good.”


- Anne Benge, CEO at Cultura

Five Stars

“We were without an on-staff network administrator, and we were confronted with severe systems & infrastructure disruption for which we were fundamentally unprepared for.

With Connetic, we are instantly tapped into a wealth of knowledge in computing and cybersecurity. Their staff is professional, quick, and courteous – no matter the problem size. Their ticketing system has transformed the way we think of IT, allowing us to focus our staff on their primary responsibilities. With their monitoring, they are on top of any potential network or system interruptions before we ever have to be.

While they have always been seen as one of our more important service providers, they have grown to become invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether on- or off-site, our employees are able to contact Connetic representatives directly, no longer having to be routed to internal staff for consultation or approval.

Importantly for us and how we conduct business at Hodge Products, Connetic is one of our most professional and ethical vendors. This is very important to me, my staff, and my business.

I would recommend Connetic to any business, large or small.”


- Anthony A Hodge, CEO at Hodge Products Inc.

Five Stars

“We began working with Connetic in April 2018. At the time, we had almost 200 employees at multiple locations around San Diego County. We also had several years of technology debt built up.

As a not-for-profit, the previous IT team lacked the deep, cross-platform expertise needed to take us to the next level. Our employees were experiencing frequent outages, painfully slow network connectivity, and our Citrix virtual PC environment had become so cumbersome, operations that should take only a few minutes could take an hour or more to complete. We also had significant security vulnerabilities.

We needed serious help and we got it!

Connetic’s technology-agnostic approach helped us leverage our existing hardware to the greatest degree possible. This has saved our organization significant time and money and is allowing us to realize maximum value from our previous investments while staying compliant with state and federal regulations.

While IT work is never done, as a result of Connetic’s support, our systems now support our business needs. Support response times are quick, security is better than ever, and our people are able to work quickly and efficiently. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

I strongly recommend Connetic for any organization that needs top notch IT support, security and unbiased strategic technology guidance.”


- Brooke Valle, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Five Stars

“Connetic’s IT professionals are simply awesome. While troubleshooting several non-trivial problems that had been gathering up on my system including a new Windows 10 version install, your Help Desk Tech kept me well appraised of their progress throughout the entire process. Everything was perfectly executed and we used the down time during the installation to prepare for next steps. I’m so glad we have Connetic!”

- Jim Ison, One Stop Systems, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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