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Finding the Right IT Services in San Diego

San Diego is an unusual market for IT Services. On the surface, it seems pretty similar to many other megacities in the United States with a large population, vibrant markets, and a broad economic base. However, there are many factors that make San Diego a unique city to serve when it comes to IT support.

San Diego: The City of Small Businesses

San Diego is actually very different from most cities its size because there are VERY few large businesses headquartered here. Outside of Qualcomm, the largest employers in the county are various government agencies and our own utilities and hospital providers. Otherwise, San Diego is a city of small businesses, not large ones. Small businesses have unique needs which information technology services should understand in order to provide quality IT services. 

Managed IT Services Not Local to San Diego

IT consulting companies from out of town are typically used to servicing big businesses with multi-year mega-contracts and have a tough time gaining a foothold here. These IT consulting firms seem to come and go within a few years because they lack specialization outside of the single industrial sector. Their offshore helpdesks, impersonal escalation desks, and inability to adapt to small business models make them a poor fit for the local market.

Managed IT Services Located in San Diego

Connetic was founded in San Diego and has continued to flourish here over the past 25 years. We’re San Diego’s native Managed IT Services provider meaning that we specialize in IT services and solutions for companies with 20-200 employees in industries like biotechnology, light manufacturing, software development, sciences, and financial services. These are essentially the sorts of companies that thrive in San Diego’s entrepreneurial environment.

Proactive IT Management at a Fixed Cost

The San Diego entrepreneurial spirit is what drove us to create our “unlimited IT at fixed price” service model that allows us to be a proactive partner in your technology and security. Connetic forms trust-based, mutually beneficial partnerships that empower technology-intensive organizations to grow faster while ensuring data is secure. Rather than utilizing the reactive “break-fix” model that the big out-of-town IT providers force on their customers, we strive to implement proactive solutions that streamline optimized security, without unforeseen charges to your invoices.

How Connetic Can Help

Our highly skilled team of technology experts uses the industry’s best practices to provide IT solutions that set your company up for success. We are committed to providing top-tier service at a fixed cost. Our transparent pricing model benefits industries of all types in San Diego and surrounding areas. We’d love an opportunity to learn about your business’ IT needs and to discuss how the right IT service model can help your business grow faster. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s extensive experience and exceptional services.


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