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IT Strategy Consulting With Every Level of Service

Old-fashioned break/fix IT strategy has never worked well. With the constant security threats that are presented daily, you need proactive, strategic decision support now more than ever! Connetic recognizes this and is here to give you experienced IT strategy consulting every step of the way, with every level of service.

Top-Tier IT Strategists

When you have strategic, major changes that need to be implemented because your business has grown, the world has changed suddenly, or because security threats are looming, Connetic is there for you! Our top-tier IT strategy consultants are immediately available to partner with your management team to identify your company’s needs and help create a custom-tailored plan to ensure they are met.

Unparalleled Experience

Our management team consists of IT professionals, each with more than twenty years of unparalleled experience. Our senior CIO-level management team members will take the time to meet with your IT Steering Committee and your Connetic Client Manager whenever you need us. We make ourselves available to you to assess requirements, ideate strategy, and bring the best-of-breed solutions and practices to your company. The ability to be hands-on in directing and overseeing solution implementation is what makes Connetic service and IT strategy consulting go above and beyond.


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Regulatory Compliance Through IT Security Practices

We’re helping customers become NIST-171 and CMMC compliant through implementing security practices such as multi-factor authentication and security anomaly detection. We frequently help our clients move into cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services, and Google Workplace. We also implement security policy frameworks including NIST, HITRUST, and ISO 27001, and manage regulatory requirements for SOX, FDA, DoD, HIPAA, FINRA, and many more.

Connetic’s Approach to IT Strategy Consulting

Connetic’s proactive approach to IT is built into our DNA. We provide unlimited IT service for a fixed price per month. This includes various project implementations that other IT companies charge extra for. We want to make sure that your systems are online, without emergencies or security incidents. We strive to ensure your experience with us is as trouble-free as possible. By providing unlimited fixed-price services,  we align what’s good for you with what’s good for us because downtime is costly for us – not you. We’re the IT consultant that you can count on 24/7.

Connetic’s IT consulting services team has the unique training, knowledge, and expertise necessary to ameliorate risks by implementing comprehensive security audit practices, security framework compliance, and the comprehensive implementation of cybersecurity solutions. Contact Connetic’s IT services team to set up a security audit today or to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s extensive experience and exceptionally managed IT services.

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