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Answers to some of your most burning questions.


Q: Does Connetic really provide unlimited IT labor? How is that possible?

A: Our IT technicians are exceptionally skilled and certified in most common equipment and operating systems. Because we operate on an unlimited labor basis, we’re free to set up your computers and proactively manage your systems so that they won't fail in the first place—without you having to worry about how many hours we’re spending on cryptic IT tasks. We also install our monitoring software services to automatically measure your system performance so we can prevent problems from even developing. We automate many routine administrative tasks, such as operating system upgrades and software deployment. Even in the worst-case scenario, we can perform an entire system restoration across multiple devices in the span of mere hours.  

Q: Does Connetic unbox computers and get them running on the network?

A: If you have our Total or Express packages, that's exactly what we’ll do for you. Once computers have been placed in their final location, we’ll attach them to your network and configure them for your users.

 Q: Do you do network cabling?

A: We outsource network cabling, but we have close relationships with network cabling firms and can get high-quality installations completed in a much shorter time than if you were to contract the work yourself.  

Q: Will you support our ERP system? How can you possibly know everything about all applications?

A: We are technology agnostic, which means we are experts in general-purpose operating systems and mass-market applications like office applications, SQL servers and email servers. For industry-specific applications, we will support them if the customer maintains a support contract with the original vendor, giving us a place to go with specific questions and a channel for receiving patches and updates. Without a support contract, we are unable to support niche applications.

Q: I use a smartphone and tablet. Do these devices need to be listed on a device inventory, and will you help with those?

A: Connetic supports connecting all types of devices to company computers free of charge, whether they are company assets or personal. We will not install software that isn’t related to synchronizing those devices to company computers, but once the devices are set up, installation of 3rd party software is simple.

Q: Are you a “Microsoft Shop”?

A: We have specific expertise in Windows, UNIX/Linux, and macOS. While 90% of our work is performed in Windows, we do not focus on that platform to the exclusion of others. Most of Connetic's own core business services are deployed on Linux, while 80% of our clients are deployed on Windows. More to the point, we don't have exclusive relationships with any hardware or software vendors, so you can trust in our independence.

Q: Can we buy equipment from you?

A: No. Connetic is not a reseller for any product. We maintain complete independence from vendors, so there’s never any conflict of interest when we make recommendations for what’s best for your business needs. We can certainly specify and direct your acquisitions from value-added resellers and wholesalers, but we're not involved in any business relationships with vendors whatsoever, except as consumers ourselves.

Q: So what don't you do?

We do not support mainframes or mini-computers such as AS/400 or VAX systems. We do not support computer-based telephony systems—you will want to keep a maintenance contract with your system integrator to manage your telephone system. For liability insurance reasons, we don't change your backup tapes, although we will configure and establish your backup software and tape rotation protocol. For the same reason, we don't physically move computers from place to place within your company, but we will assist with breakdown and set up for a move or when employees get new computers.   

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