How to Avoid Sneaky IT Management Costs

How to Avoid Sneaky IT Management Costs

One major reason customers switch to Connetic from their existing managed service provider is because of our cost transparency. Our per-user pricing means that your monthly IT bills only vary with the size of your staff, which is very different from the way 90% of the Managed IT Services industry bills their clients.

IT Support Services and Costly Base Plus Pricing

Most IT support work on what’s referred to as “Base Plus” pricing, which means you pay an artificially low base price, and they add an extra fee for literally everything else. These fees include:

  • High hourly fees for implementing projects
  • Hourly fees for after-hours calls that go to offshore help desks
  • Fees for software that they require you to purchase
  • Margin on top of Internet and Telecom service purchased through them
  • Margin on top of licenses you purchased through them
  • Margin on top of hardware they require you to purchase

These extra costs and fees can really add up. For most customers on a Base Plus contract, the “Base” is less than a quarter of their highly-variable monthly IT costs, and the rest of their fees show up as additional line items on your monthly invoice.

Connetic: The New Standard in Information Technology Services

With Connetic, we’re changing what it means to provide superior data security with top customer service. We have no hourly fees for anything, ever. We don’t resell anything, so there’s no push from us to replace hardware or software unless it’s truly in your best interest. Our invoices only come with two-line items: A low monthly infrastructure management fee and a per-employee price that scales directly with your business. You can always budget for IT along with headcount, and all project implementations are included. 

When you’re comparing IT solution services, don’t be afraid to ask a Connetic IT consultant for at least three existing customer references that are around your same size and in a similar industry, and then ask those customers what their total spend for that MSP was last fiscal year. That’s far closer to what you’ll actually pay than relying on the “Base” price.

How Connetic Can Help

Connetic solves IT; it’s as simple as that. The Connetic team has the unique training, knowledge, and expertise necessary to ameliorate the risks caused by the new hacking economy by implementing real security for our clients through comprehensive security audit practices, security framework compliance, and the comprehensive implementation of security solutions such as multi-factor authentication, log aggregation, and our 24/7 alerting and monitoring infrastructure.

Connetic is an IT service company that achieves superior data security for their clients by implementing simple, yet effective, multifactor solutions on all of their information technology services, including cloud service, traditional server-based services, and bring-your-own-devices. Learn more about Connetic’s approach to data security: CLICK HERE.

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