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Our Help Desk stays up all night, so you never have to.

At Connetic, we’re known for our exceptional customer service. It’s not just that our Help Desk technicians are friendly and efficient; it’s also that they all have the skills needed to help you. Rather than having to escalate your issues to more and more senior engineers, in most cases, the first person who picks up the phone will be the same person to solve your problem. And unlike other IT management companies who (if you read the fine print) have limited hours and longer wait times on nights and weekends, our Help Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a 2-hour response guarantee. This means that whenever you need help—yes, even in the middle of the night—you won’t have to wait to receive it.

Unlike many other IT management companies, we don’t resell hardware or software—we work with the systems that you have in place. Because we are “technology agnostic,” we are familiar with almost any system you may use and can provide you with expert-level desktop, laptop, and smartphone support. We can install, update, and maintain software for all of your computers, laptops, and devices, and maintain end-point security software as well. This can also include supporting your users working from home on business-owned equipment—essential for the massive (and largely permanent) shift to working from home that occurred in the early part of 2020.

Help Desk Options

24/365 Help Desk with 2-hour response guarantee

Continuous support for desktops, laptops, smartphones

Software installation, updating, and maintenance for computers, laptops, and devices

End-point security software maintenance

Support for work-from-home users on business-owned equipment

Electronic Components Manufacturer Case Study

Our business went from business plan to employer of over three hundred in one day. With a factory in Mexico, a plant in the Midwest, sales offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, a headquarters office in San Diego, and a mandate to be off of the networks of the various companies that these assets were acquired from within 90 days, we had a serious Information Technology challenge.

“Our systems are faster and more reliable than ever.”

“Connetic built our network from the ground up when we had five employees. They've expanded it and added systems to meet our needs consistently throughout our growth to 50+ employees. They had our new facility on-line and connected to the network securely the same day that we received our occupancy permit.”

- Jim, ABC Company

Get 24/7 Help Desk support for your business.