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Choosing IT Consulting Services For Your Industry: Is it Possible?

Choosing the right IT consulting services is a major decision, especially if you work in a unique industry. It’s hard to know which managed IT service companies truly understand your needs and can deliver the results you expect. We understand it’s difficult to trust just any company that claims to be an expert in your industry. Here are some things to consider.

Choosing Industry Agnostic IT Services

It’s not uncommon for MSPs to claim to be industry agnostic; what this can actually imply is that they are not especially good at any one industry. The misconception that “computers are computers, and they’re all pretty much the same” is simply untrue. 

Choosing Industry Specific IT Services

To some degree, it is true that MSPs can work with a wide variety of disparate industries. But in reality, it is rare that they would do it on their own. Most “industry specific” software applications are supported not by core information technology services, but by the software vendor themselves. As long as they have someone to work with who possesses core knowledge of IT, then the combination of an IT consultant and the software vendor can usually keep things working.

Choosing Specialized IT Services

Industry specialization really comes down to customizing the support experience for a particular type of customer. Law firms have very different IT support service requirements than retail operations, for example. Government agencies have different operating hours than car dealerships. Science and biotech startups have very different infrastructure requirements than building contractors. Small businesses operate very different networks than large businesses. For these reasons, most MSPs will customize their services to cater to a few industries that may be specific to their region. This is true for Connetic as well.

How Connetic’s IT Services Compare 

Connetic has decades of experience providing specialized managed IT services that cater to small businesses; our clients usually have fewer than 200 employees, and are located in San Diego and Southern California. We take an honest approach to inform prospective clients about our capabilities. While we typically do not engage in government, military, restaurants or retail, we will always give our clients an honest assessment of if their needs will be met through our services. We have a proven track record of experience and excellence in biotech, legal, financial services, distribution and logistics, and software development. 

Connetic’s Solutions

When you’re shopping for IT consulting companies be sure to get an understanding of what their customer industries look like to understand if you’re a good fit or the odd one out. If you’re not sure where to start, call us! Our highly skilled team of technology experts can give you honest insight into the IT services and solutions that can set your company up for success. We are committed to providing top-tier service without unforeseen charges to your invoices. Our transparent pricing model and unlimited IT services work synergistically to create satisfied clients.

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