Unlimited IT Support Services

Connetic’s Unlimited IT Support Services: A Complete Breakdown

At Connetic, it brings us much satisfaction to provide our clients with unlimited IT support services at no extra cost. Let’s breakdown exactly what this means for you and your business.

Unlimited IT Services to Support Your Infrastructure

Project Implementation

All the implementation of IT support services, repairs, and end-user support that your industry requires is included in our monthly service fees at no additional cost. And yes, that means complex projects, new system deployments, user setups, and network expansions. Everything that is within our contractual scope of work is included at no additional cost, and you will never see an additional fee for labor hours, after-hours support, or project implementation labor.

Business Connectivity

Our scope encompasses all services related to business connectivity. This includes the implementation, maintenance, repair, and support of your computers, servers, printers, multi-function devices, cloud services, and the networking equipment that they run on. We also support smartphones and tablets when connecting them to corporate networks and business services like VPN, MFA, email, and calendaring. 

In-Home Equipment

Even through the dramatic changes that many businesses have undergone during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been dedicated to supporting your business infrastructure. Many of your offices have shifted to home offices. We’re proud to offer support for in-home workers and their equipment and services. We’re proud to offer support for in-home workers if their equipment and services are entirely dedicated for work purposes.

Out of Scope Limitations

Licensed Hardware

There are some items commonly lumped into IT such as security systems, cameras, office phone systems (even if they’re network-attached), and conferencing equipment and accessories. Many times these systems require tools that we don’t have licensing to and are best supported by the vendors that implemented them for you.

Custom Content

Lastly, in order to optimize our efficiency in providing you with our unlimited support, we don’t develop any kind of custom content for our customers. This includes custom software, websites, or written policies or procedures for customers. Though we won’t remote into your computer and write an email on your behalf, or develop a Word or Excel template, we will support your ability to do your job. We do everything possible to optimize your productivity without being a part of your workflow. 

Connetic’s Solutions

Our highly skilled team of technology experts uses the industry’s best practices to provide IT solutions that set your company up for success. We are committed to providing top-tier service without unforeseen charges to your invoices. Our transparent pricing model benefits industries of all types in San Diego and surrounding areas.

Connetic is an IT service company that achieves superior data security for our clients by implementing simple, yet effective, multifactor solutions on all of our information technology services, including cloud service, traditional server-based services, and bring-your-own-devices. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s outsourced Information Technology.

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