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The Evolution of Your IT Service Provider

Most companies start out as startups and as the company grows successful and its needs evolve, often it is very common for their IT service providers to evolve along with them. These are the painfully accurate phases of evolution we routinely see when it comes to IT service providers.


You know how to use a computer, right? How hard could it be to buy a couple of laptops and set up a wifi router in the office? Why don’t you just look up a tutorial on YouTube? Do-it-yourself IT is the way most companies start out. The founders bring their own devices, use a few web services, and are off to the races. This option starts out cheaper and can suffice for a short time, as the company grows and the IT needs begin to accrue, the pain starts. Companies are left scrambling and desperate for help when it comes to anything related to IT.

A Guy Somebody Knows

It always starts like this: as the company begins to form and employees join the team, computers, wifi, printers, and other hardware needs to be set up. This is when one of the team members usually points out that their brother-in-law does IT and would be happy to moonlight. He comes in, unboxes computers, and gets them set up on the wifi and everything seems great…until he is in over his head and cannot handle the workload or intricate questions being asked.

Ponytail IT

When the brother-in-law no longer cuts it, a low-cost service is called in; we jokingly refer to these small-timers as “ponytail IT guys”, thanks to their ubiquitous hairstyles. They get your computers going, backed up, and they even set up some new applications for everyone! But, now it’s costing by the hour every time they show up, they never seem to get to all the requests in a timely manner, and they typically end up blaming you instead of actually helping you solve your issues. Problems are quickly piling up and so are the excuses.

Shirt and Tie IT Guy

This is when you meet the more professional IT guys, the ones who show up for meetings in suits. (SPOILER ALERT: the guys in suits are usually salespeople, not the actual IT technicians who do the work.) The fancy IT firms have a ticket system to remember everything, dedicated technicians who stop in once a week, an outsourced helpdesk service overseas, and they charge a low base fee “plus” hourly fees for any add ons. Things are okay, but the fees are piling up, so you finally make the jump…

Connetic: The Right Choice

Our truly unlimited support provides the best practices in IT, automatically including cybersecurity, technology strategy, regulatory compliance, unmatched U.S.-based help-desk support, network engineers available any time, and a true partner in your IT deployment. Best of all? We are cost-effective for startups and can scale with you. Skip the evolution of IT providers and go straight to the final level of IT: Connetic!

At Connetic, our fixed-price, unlimited IT support services model keeps us constantly searching for ways to keep our customers safe. Safe practices reduce the amount of incident response we have to perform—which we don’t get paid extra for. That’s why we put these solutions in front of all of our clients and implement them at no additional cost. We are committed to being as transparent as possible about our services. We’re the IT consultant that you can count on 24/7.

Contact Connetic’s IT services team to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s extensive experience and exceptionally managed IT services.

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