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What An IT Risk Assessment Can Save You

Thanks to the horrible stories you see on the news about cyberattacks, customers are worried about IT risks like ransomware, foreign nation-state hackers, cryptocurrency scams, and phishing. 

Unfortunately, they are blissfully unaware of the major risks that they are taking every day. These risks include the lack of reliable backups, misconfigured security when it comes to cloud services that allow unauthorized access, employees using unsecured home computers to access corporate VPNs, and employees using their work email addresses and passwords on public websites.

When assessing IT risks, we find that the main worry of business owners – that they are going to suffer a major cyberattack – causes them to overlook the risks that they are thoughtlessly taking every day. This misplaced panic regarding large IT risks coupled with the lack of basic security protocols can end up costing the business unnecessary fees when it comes to cyberattack protection. 

Connetic’s IT risk assessment is simple: an interview-based process that takes about an hour to complete and will provide you with real insight into the costs you’re assuming for the risks that you are taking. Its core purpose is to allow you to properly prioritize your IT spending so that you are reducing your actual everyday risks quickly and getting real value for your IT expenditures!

At Connetic, our fixed-price, unlimited IT support services model keeps us constantly searching for ways to keep our customers safe. Contact Connetic’s IT services team to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s extensive experience and exceptionally managed IT services.

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