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Why You Don’t Need Onsite IT Support in Your City

In the past, most businesses ran their IT applications and services from within their own building—server rooms full of equipment were simply the norm. On-site IT support was required to keep those services operational.

IT Support and Changing Times 

Luckily, these days the majority of small businesses have already migrated their business critical applications into the cloud. More than half of Connetic’s existing customers have ditched the servers and on-premises equipment, beyond having a modem for wireless internet. 

Within the past year working from home has become the new normal; employees expect to be able to use their mobile devices and laptops to work from anywhere. So why do you need on-site IT support? 

You don’t! Your IT support provider can be “cloud-based”, just like the rest of your service applications. Connetic has been working primarily remotely for 25 years! More than 95% of our support actions are performed entirely remotely, and more than 30% of our customers have never needed to receive a site visit from one of our IT support technicians. 

IT Support From Anywhere

We coordinate seamlessly with your employees or any designated “remote hands” IT support provider to perform the few installation related actions that might be needed. Simple instructions are all that’s needed to get our technicians connected; we can perform the configuration and security implementation for all services.

Modern IT support is located in the cloud—so why be tied to a local IT provider that bills you to show up when you can get unlimited IT support for a fixed price?

Connetic IT support services are available nationwide. We currently have customers in all major markets, including New York, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and of course our home market of San Diego!

Connetic’s IT consulting services team has the unique training, knowledge, and expertise necessary to ameliorate risks by implementing comprehensive security audit practices, security framework compliance, and the comprehensive implementation of cybersecurity solutions. Contact Connetic’s IT services team to set up a security audit today or to learn more about how you can benefit from Connetic’s extensive experience and exceptionally managed IT services.

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